Requesting a Mobile Phone
Contract with Bad Credit

If you're on the lookout for mobile phone contracts with bad credit, than you should apply with one of the networks.

A few years back, if you wanted to get a mobile phone contract, but you had a bad credit rating, the only way to get it was through a provider that offers bad credit mobile phone contracts. The only issue with this was that these companies would severely limit your options to only the cheapest handsets. Plus, their contracts were often extremely high.
Fortunately, the situation has now changed for the better. Bad credit mobile providers have lowered their requirements significantly and are now offering even the newest phone models, albeit still at a larger price than the older handsets. But still, this gives an unprecedented opportunity to anyone with poor credit to go out there and grab himself a nice new Android or iPhone.
If you have been rejected a mobile phone contract before on account of your bad credit, you may have already tried your luck with no credit check mobile phone contracts. And most likely, the results were not what you were hoping for. The reason for this is that companies that offer mobile phone contracts without a credit check make sure that you pay a very high price for the handsets they offer you and have a very limited option. This, as you can see is not the way to go, if you want to get a mobile phone and have a bad credit.
The fact is, you don't have to avoid a credit check like the plague. Yes, there are mobile phone providers that will flat out reject you because of your not-so-swell credit history, but more and more of them approve customers with bad credit.

Requesting a Mobile Phone Contract with Bad Credit

If you're on the lookout for mobile phone contracts with bad credit, than you should apply with one of the networks. There are several major mobile networks operating in the United Kingdom offering good deals on mobile phone contracts, including providing them for people with bad credit, so you could do well to check them out.
The reason why you should apply with a network lies in the fact that, with every unsuccessful contract application, your credit score goes even more down. As such, approaching a network gives you a much better chance of getting accepted for a contract.

Important Guidelines for Getting the Best Acceptance Rates

If you want to get the best attainable acceptance rates with bad credit, we hope that these simple guidelines are going to help you achieve that.
Like stated before, apply directly with the mobile phone networks and circumvent the retailers. The best reason to do this is that mobile phone retailers will charge you a higher price than networks. Of course, not all networks accept bad credit customers, so make sure that you ask about this before you apply with one.
Make sure that the monthly cost for the phone contract is within your financial reach. Pick a contract that you'll be able to pay comfortably, even with your credit rating being low. Even if this means that you have to give up on that latest HTC or Samsung.
When you fill in your application, be certain that it is 100% correct and completed. DO NOT try to falsify anything, as this will get your application rejected as soon as you click “Apply”.
Accept the fact that you are going to be rejected for a contact at a few places. Don't request one with another network right after that. Any such rejection will go straight in your credit report, making it harder for you to get a contract. Instead, it's best if you wait 2-3 weeks before you approach another network.
If you need a mobile phone (who doesn't), Gallery Phones is a the perfect place to learn a trick or two about how you can get a contract even with bad credit. We don't offer no credit check mobile phones, but if you're looking for one, you can go here to find out more.